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Agriculture in Washington County, Maryland and all across the nation has seen substantial changes over the last 50 years. Technology, development, production enhancements, rising costs, regulations and growth are all factors that have changed the fabric and composition of agriculture. Understanding the importance and significance of agriculture in Washington County is the first step to realizing you can not survive without agriculture in one of its many forms.

The Agricultural Business Development Office is conveniently located at 7303-7313 Sharpsburg Pike, Boonsboro, Maryland 21713. The Agricultural Business Development Office is housed in the same building as the Rural Heritage Museum and the Maryland Cooperative Extension Offices located at the Washington County Agricultural Education Center on Route 65, just seven miles south of Hagerstown.

The Agricultural Business Development Office is responsible for developing, marketing, and managing economic development strategies and implementing marketing programs to attract, retain, preserve and grow agricultural enterprises and related industries in Washington County. We offer numerous programs, grants and services that assist local farms and farmers, entrepreneurs, educators, the local consumer and anyone interested in agriculture. We invite you to contact the office and see how agriculture is changing and growing and can work for you!


The position of Washington County Agricultural Business Development Specialist has been in the planning stages for many years. It has been through the efforts and hard work of many people, farmers, organizations and committees that the position finally became a reality in 2008.

Take the time to discover the many ways the Agricultural Business Development Office can expand and open opportunities for the agricultural community and all Washington County residents.

100 W Washington St., Suite 1401
Hagerstown, MD 21740
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