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Our productive, dedicated, and well-rounded regional workforce of 400,000 has made the county a choice location for manufacturers, financial services, and distribution companies. This existing workforce provides an incredible opportunity to new businesses and those looking to expand, as a highly-educated and skilled workforce lives right here in our own backyard.

Over 12% of our workforce is involved in manufacturing activities— more than twice the average for the State of Maryland. Government, business, and community organizations partner together to continue to diversify the local economy. As a result, aero defense, engineering, and advanced technology sectors are becoming a larger part of our industrial mix.

Regional Workforce Draw - December 2015

State/CountyPopulation*Labor ForceEmployedUEUE RateNo. of Commuters into W. County**
State of Maryland5,976,4073,152,0592,991,776160,2835.1%
United States318,857,056156,715,000148,800,0007,915,0005.0%
Washington County149,58875,70971,7443,9655.2%21,987***
Allegany County73,52133,08530,9892,0966.3%588
Frederick County241,409129,982124,9085,0743.9%1,968
Franklin County152,08576,80073,5003,3004.3%9,284
Fulton County14,6707,2006,9004005.3%1,142
West Virginia
Berkeley County108,70651,52049,6201,9003.7%5,290
Jefferson County55,07326,94026,1108303.1%442
Morgan County17,4987,4207,1203104.1%882
Total Regional Workforce812,550408,656390,89117,8754.5%19,596
Employment and unemployment data are not seasonally adjusted
* U.S. Census Bureau; State and County QuickFacts 2012 Estimates
** U.S. Census Bureau ACS Data 2010 - Journey-to-Work Commutation
*** Residents commuting out of county; U.S. Census Bureau ACS 2010 - Journey-to-Work Commutation

Employment History Chart

Civilian Labor Force71,08969,06569,46369,56768,33668,20568,462
Unemployment Rate8.1%8.6%9.8%10.9%10.2%5.6%4.3%
*Annual averages. Data are not seasonally adjusted. Figures represent the number of county residents employed, including those working outside of the community.
MD Dept. of Labor, Licensing & Regulation, Office of Labor Market Analysis & Information (2011).

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