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Tax Rates

Sales Tax6%No additional local taxNo additional local tax
Real Property Assessment * Rate per $100 of assessed Value$0.11 $0.948$0.823
Business Personal Property * Rate per $100 of assessed valueNone$2.37 $2.37
Machinery, Tools & Equipment (Mfg.)Exempt***ExemptExempt
Manufacturer InventoriesExemptExemptExempt
Warehousing InventoriesExemptExemptExempt
Research & Development Activities, EquipmentExemptExemptExempt
Corporate Income Tax (2008)8.25%None
Personal Income Tax (2008)2.0 - 5.75%2.80%
*Assessment ratio 100%.
** Maryland does not impose a state personal property tax on business. Some business exemptions apply to state sales tax.
***The Washington County "differential" tax rate for properties located within municipalities is .823 per $100 of assessment (.948 outside municipalities).

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