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Want to save some money on your Electric Bill?

Potomac Edison offers the following incentives to its non-residential customers:

  • T-8 Rebates of $15.20 for each existing lighting fixture converted/replaced to T-8 with electronic ballast.
  • T-5 Rebates of $25 for each existing lighting fixture converted/replaced with T-5 lighting fixture.
  • LED Exit Signs Replace existing incandescent exit signs
    • No Cost - Between 2-36 red, standard LED exit signs will be sent to you directly at no additional cost.
    • Rebate - $15 for each incandescent exit sign replaced with LED sign for more specialized needs.
  • CFL Replace any incandescent bulb with a CFL for $1.50 rebate per screw-in bulb and a $30 rebate per hard-wired bulb.
  • Occupancy Sensors Rebates of $25 for each wall switch replaced with a wall plate occupancy sensor:
  • LED Traffic Signals Rebates of $20 per lamp for each incandescent traffic signal replaced with a new LED traffic signal.
  • High-Efficiency Air Conditioner Rebates of $40 per ton for 11.6 EER (or more efficient) systems purchased and installed.
  • High-Efficiency Heat Pump Rebates of $80 per ton for 15 SEER (or more efficient) heat pumps purchased and installed.
  • Variable Frequency Drives Rebates of 50% of the purchase price, excluding taxes, for each variable frequency drive installed that meets program requirements.
  • Custom Applications Program Provides rebates of up to 50% per project, capped at $250,000 for relevant measures of which there are no current prescriptive measures offered.

The year is almost over, so get these incentives while they last!  For more information or to download applications, visit Click on Watt Watchers Energy Conservation—Business—Maryland. Or, you can call 1-877-928-8928.

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