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Enterprise Zones

Approximately 5,500 acres in Washington County are within three state-designated Enterprise Zones.  To help promote growth of the industrial and commercial base, local and state incentives are available to new or expanding companies in these zones. Each Enterprise Zone is approved by the state for a ten-year period.

Enterprise Zone Incentives Available to Qualifying Businesses

Local Real Property Tax Credits:

  • City and County property tax credits for up to ten years on capital investments.
  • *Credit of 80% on increases in assessed value of real property for the first five years, decreasing by 10% annually for the remaining five years.

State Income Tax Credits:

  • State income tax credits for creating new jobs.
  • The credit is a one-time maximum of $1,000 for most new jobs.
  • Credits for hiring "disadvantaged" employees (vouchered by the State):
      • First year - $3,000
      • Second year - $2,000
      • Third year - $1,000

*Note: Businesses seeking local property tax credits must apply to the Department of Business Development prior to completing the construction or rehabilitation project. Property tax credits may not be granted retroactively.

The following is a list of Hagerstown-Washington County's Enterprise Zones:

City of Hagerstown/Washington County Enterprise Zone Renewed and expanded by the State of Maryland in 2012, this zone now encompasses approximately 4,000 acres located within the City of Hagerstown and Washington County. The zone has more than doubled and includes Hopewell Valley Industrial Park, Washington County Business Park, CSX Valley Park, the City of Hagerstown Business Park, and the Central Business District in downtown Hagerstown.  

Hancock Enterprise Zone Approved in 2005, this 1,500-acre zone surrounds the Town of Hancock, stretching from the Pennsylvania border down to the Potomac River. The zone includes commercial and industrial development opportunities in select areas of town as well as commercial frontage along Main Street.

Eligibility Requirements

To qualify for Enterprise Zone benefits, a business must be located within the zone and meet minimum requirements for job creation and for capital investment. In addition, there are restrictions on certain business types.

Minimum Capital Investment: (construction/rehabilitation of real property)

  • City of Hagerstown / Washington County Enterprise Zone
      • Hagerstown's Central Business District - $5,000 + capital investment
      •  Outside Central Business District - $50,000 + capital investment
  • Hancock Enterprise Zone – $5,000 + capital investment

Minimum Job Creation: (permanent, full time positions)

  • City of Hagerstown / Washington County Enterprise Zone
      • Hagerstown's Central Business District – 1 new job created
      • Outside Central Business District – 5 new jobs created
  • Hancock Enterprise Zone – 1 new job created

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