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The crossroads of the Civil War

With a population of close to 40,000, Hagerstown has evolved into a modern city that maintains an outstanding transportation and communication network, a strong and loyal workforce and enviable tourism statistics. The Hagerstown area quality of life is exceptional with a mix of historic neighborhoods and new, easily accessible developments.  Hagerstown boasts many recreational amenities, cultural opportunities, and special activities for people of all ages. It hosts several annual festivals downtown, most notably the Western Maryland Blues Fest, Augustoberfest, Downtown Live, and the Alsatia Mummer’s Day Parade.


Hagerstown was founded in 1762 by Jonathan Hager, a volunteer Captain of Scouts during the French and Indian War. Located in the center of the Great Valley in Western Central Maryland, Hagerstown was at the Crossroads of the Civil War. The Valley provided a natural corridor for refugee and troop movements between Virginia and Pennsylvania. As a regional crossroads town just north of the Potomac River, Hagerstown was a favorite staging area for military leaders traversing the region.



100 W Washington St., Suite 1401
Hagerstown, MD 21740
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